How To Make The Most Out of Your Winter Storage

The cold temperatures sure came quickly, and now homeowners are looking to close up their patio for the season. One challenge many homeowners face is the ability to find enough storage within their home for their outdoor patio accessories. If you’re someone who is panicking on where to store the abundance of blankets you have for outdoor bonfire events, then this is the blog for you.

Space above your cabinets

According to DIY Cozy House, many unutilized spaces can be found above kitchen cabinets. Take a look in your kitchen… Do your cabinets extend all the way to your ceiling or can you fit canvas boxes, and box crates with items from outdoors in order to maximize your space? This is a perfect solution for you to store some of your favorite outdoor belongings.


This one might be a no brainer, however, sometimes simplicity can be easily overlooked. Another perfect space for store outdoor items such as heaters, or portable bonfire pits. Storing bigger items in a place that is easily accessible can help for when the winter season passes, and early spring greets you.

All weatherproof outdoor storage benches

Outdoor storage containers can be a great place to store items such as outdoor furniture mattresses or pads. The best part is you can find storage sets for an affordable price. Try looking at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or even Amazon! One thing to note is that it’s important to make sure that the container is waterproof.