Concrete Overlay – What You Need To Know

That’s why we are happy to provide you with more information. Whether you are in need of concrete repair or pavement for a new project we have you covered!

1. Location

The first thing to think about is the location of your project. Do you want it inside or outside of your home? If you want exterior concrete, you should think about making an appointment in the Spring, Summer, or Fall months. However, if you are thinking about interior concrete overlay, you have all four seasons to book a project. Interior concrete overlay is a great solution for garage floors, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements. If you would like to look at more exterior and interior design examples, check out our concrete overlay page on our website.

2. Design

Time to choose a pattern. There are different colors and patterns you can add to give your home that extra “wow” effect. Concrete overlays can be applied to patios, pool areas, driveways, sidewalks and paths, stairs, stoops, and entryways – almost anywhere an existing concrete surface exists. If you want design inspiration, check out our concrete showcase page on our website.

3. Timeline

Concrete overlays are usually quick and easy projects. Most applications take 2-3 days to complete, can be walked upon in 8-12 hours drying time, and are usable in a normal fashion in approximately 7 days, depending on daytime temperatures.

If you’re interested in improving your outdoor patio, contact us. We’re here to help.