CoverTech’s Top 3 Patio Covers

That’s why we have an easier solution. Read on to find out more information on our top three most popular patio cover options.

1. Louvered Covers

With louvered covers, you can choose the exact amount of protection or ventilation desired, all at the touch of a button. Motorized louvers can be positioned anywhere between the 160-degree range of motion giving you full sun protection, or total sunlight. If you’re interested in adding louvered covers to your home, check out our showcase page where you can see some of past customized projects!

2. Pergola Covers

Are you looking for partial shading? If so, pergola covers are just for you! You can add filtered shade to your outdoor living space while keeping that open-air feel. In some cases, pergola covers can reduce your exposure to the sun by up to 60% when placed correctly, while still maintaining airflow and allowing filtered light into the home.

3. Solid Covers

Expand your living space to the outdoors with protection from the sun and rain. With solid covers, you can enjoy outdoor seating during the summer months without the fear of the forecast for that day. Solid covers have many different styles and options to choose from. With CoverTech Solid Covers, you can customize your outdoor look to fit the rest of your home! If you’re wanting to learn more, check out our “Solid Covers” page.

If you’re interested in improving your outdoor patio, contact us. We’re here to help.